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If you are currently taking a IDEA Scuba Course check with your instructor for  Class information, Dates/Times are controlled by your IDEA Instructor.

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COVID-19 ORDERS?  ATTENTION INSTRUCTOR  AND DIVE STORES.....IDEA will be processing and shipping orders as they are received please place your orders by E-Mail and/or Phone.  We will send you a confirmation via E-Mail to verify your order WITHIN 48 HOURS.  Current business hours: M-F 12:00 to 4:00.

IDEA Instructors, Dive Stores & Scuba Schools are still conducting SCUBA classes.  IDEA Pro Members are following the current safety standards set by the U.S. CDC. Call IDEA Hq. for the name of a IDEA Facility or Instructor near you.   

Entry level scuba is the most important SCUBA course you will ever take.  To enjoy the sport of scuba diving safely you must have the best and most comprehensive scuba training available.  The IDEA open water scuba course (entry level) is designed to offer training and information that will be needed by new divers to dive safely.   Information and training provided during the open water course will also be used by the novice diver to progress safely to other specialty areas of diving.  The next step is advanced open water training.  After the advanced certification you will have sufficient training to engage in other diver specialty training courses.  Other diver specialties  include night diver, deep diver, wreck diver, nitrox diver and many other specialties.   All training offered by IDEA Instructors are academic and proficiency based scuba training program.  IDEA Instructors all teach the same courses based on the same standards of safe scuba designed by IDEA World Wide.   IDEA offers the most comprehensive scuba training available.  As an IDEA  scuba student  you will receive safe and comprehensive training in classroom, water skills and open water training.  Don't be fooled with online scuba lessons, Nothing is free.  There is nothing safe about on line SCUBA certification.  IDEA does not endorse online scuba lessons.  The only diver produced on line  is a Cyber Diver and the only place a Cyber Diver is Safe is Cyber Space!
"IDEA the agency that does not have training accidents."

The International Diving Educators Association (IDEA) was
ESTABLISHED IN 1952 as the Florida Skin Divers Associations (FSDA) 
"Scuba Training Committee".

Need to find an IDEA Scuba Instructor, IDEA Dive Store or Scuba School near you? call IDEA Headquarters.

IDEA International Headquarters is  located in
Jacksonville Fl.  USA. To contact IDEA at:
IDEA P.0. Box 8427
Jacksonville Fl, 32239

e-mail:  ideahq@bellsouth.net

Phone 904 744 5554   fax/Pro member orders
904 743 3025

IDEA is America's first scuba certification agency.  IDEA was established in 1952 as the "Scuba Training Committee" for the Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA).

   FSDA is still in operation and is the voice of the skin and scuba divers in Florida.  IDEA & FSDA are atonomous of each other and not affiliated. Both Organizations are celebrating our 68th anniversary this year.  For more information go to IDEA / FSDA History page.  To visit FSDA's Web Site click below.

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