Where in heck is my IDEA SCUBA Certification Card?

 Lost  your FSDA or IDEA C-Card or need a
Replacement c-card.
IDEA/FSDA scuba training  files go back to 1952 when "IDEA was known as the "FSDA Scuba Training Committee".  FSDA is not  affiliated with IDEA but is still in operation and the voice of skin divers and scuba divers in Florida.
     If you have an old FSDA "Scuba Training Committee" card or a laminated IDEA C-card and would like the new pvc style card call IDEA headquarters for more information. 

If you were certified by an affiliate IDEA office outside the U.S. contact that office directly.  IDEA divers certified by one of IDEA's affiliate offices who would also like a new card from IDEA International Headquarters call IDEA USA for more information on how to be registered by IDEA International Hq. USA  call 904 744 5554.  IDEA divers certified in Okinawa require a hand search and may take several days  research.

If you have lost your card please call IDEA Hq. before sending in for a replacement card.  Our staff will do a records search to make sure we have you in our computer files.  If you were certified between  1952 to 1991 you will not be in our computer files unless you have had a replacement card between 1991 and the present.  For cards prior to 1991, IDEA will do a hard copy archive search by hand.  A hard copy search may take a three or more days to locate your original certification registration form sent in by the your IDEA/FSDA instructor.
For more information on c-card replacement  please call between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Click below for PDF replacement form link.

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