Scuba Instructor Training

Call IDEA Headquarters for the IDEA Instructor Trainer near You!
Divers who are interested in becoming an instructor may call IDEA U.S. Headquarters 904 744 5554 for the IDEA Instructor Trainer near you.    Divers who are a Dive Master or Assistant Instructor may attend IDEA Instructor Training Courses.   IDEA follows ANSI standards for training scuba instructors.

To attend a IDEA scuba instructor training course instructor candidates must be a dive master or assistant instructor. Open water scuba divers or higher may attend an IDEA Instructor Preparatory course prior to the IDEA ITC providing you meet the IDEA/ANSI guidelines.   IDEA Instructor Trainers will work with you to obtain the required scuba certifications to begin your scuba instructor training course. 

     Call IDEA headquarters for more information.

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