Give us a call if you would like to learn more on how IDEA has been training safe and proficient
Scuba Divers for over 65 years.

904 744 5554
10 a.m. to 5 p.m
eastern time

Dive Stores and Instructors

IDEA celebrated it's 64th Anniversary in 2016.

Scuba Instructor crossovers are welcome.

IDEA scuba training is Academic and Proficiency based and American Owned since 1952
IDEA has been training divers for 65 + years. 

     IDEA scuba training programs are academic and proficiency based. IDEA scuba training produces divers that are comfortable and proficient in the water.  If you belong to any of the RSTC associations (PADI, SSI, PDIC, SDI) or  NAUI, ACUC, IANTD, SEI, NASE or MDEA and have no past or pending ethics or standards violations you are  eligible for cross over.

    At IDEA you're a member, not a number or customer. IDEA offers independent scuba instructor membership.  If your status as a scuba instructor is only valid if you work for a dive store, you may want to consider a crossover to IDEA.

DIVE STORE IN HOUSE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING:  IDEA offers Dive Store In House Instructor training program for Dive Store owners. 

Instructors and Dive Stores may Call IDEA HQ.  Monday - Fridays 10 am to 5 pm eastern time for information on IDEA instructor cross overs and dive store programs at  904 744 5554

Special Crossover Rate. 
Call IDEA for more information @ 904 744 5554.

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